The Small Elegy projects address the change in status of 16mm film due to the advent of video and computers. The mechanical, tactile medium of film and projected film image are no longer everyday experiences. This distancing represents other changes that separate generations and define commonalities; nostalgia for film is an affinity that links me to certain others.

Thousands of reels of film are on their way to the landfill and for a tiny part of them, these performances are the last appearance, the last exposure to the lamps of the projector and the eyes of the audience.

The Small Elegies include performed actions, (by the spectator in #2, by the artist or a projectionist in #1 & #3) and the projection of 16mm film footage selected from home movies, narratives intended for educational use or home viewing, and industrials.
Small Elegy 1 is an installation / performance with three projections on large hanging fabric panels that move as a result of fans blowing on them. The images are of different sizes and overlap. The reels repeat but the combination of imagery varies. Sound comes from one of the projectors. Small Elegy one was performed at the Soap Factory in Minneapolis as part of Multiplex 2000, July 4, 2000.


Small Elegy 2 is a small scale projection installation celebrating the tactile and mechanical aspects of film. It was shown at the Minneapolis College of Art & Design in November, 1999.

Small Elegy 3: Energy is centered on an image of a child jumping and includes several loops containing motion and action, the essence of film. Small Elegy3: Energy was performed at the Soap Factory in Minneapolis as part of DeFactory films on October 13.2000.
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