This installation consists of enlarged excerpts from Eyal Press’s article, "Prez Pampers Peddlers of Pain" from The Nation, October 1, 1994, pages 340-344, combined with a short videotape and a cash register sitting on a wooded crate made for shipping rockets. The article is about the U.S. government’s corrupt and hypocritical support of weapons sales throughout the world. The video is a one-minute loop of drawings of weapons, stills of wounded people and shots - with sound - of explosions. The cash register contains small war toys and dollar sized slips of paper with information about how to support those who oppose arms sales and the full text of the article. A sign indicates that the items in the cash register may be taken by the viewer. My intention is to bring the message of the article to the attention of the viewers, to reinforce the feelings of outrage it provokes, and to induce the viewer to begin to become actively engaged with the issue through taking the things in the cash register. Prez Pampers Peddlers of Pain. was installed in the Minneapolis College of Art and Design Gallery from November to December 1996.

films, videos, installations