Back from the Brink

is a 3 channel video installation with one projector and two small monitors.

It was inspired by David Wingate, "The Restoration of an Island Ecology" Whole Earth Review, Number 60, Fall 1988, pp 42-57.

see also: Frank Graham, jr., "Ecological Tinkering" Audubon, Vol. 86, May 1984.
Hi 8 Videography, 1993.
Edited on the Media 100 non-linear system, 1997.

Installed at the Minneapolis College of Art & Design in November, 1997.

Thanks to:

David Wingate
The 1991 Travel and Study Grant Program supported by the Dayton Hudson Foundation, the General Mills Foundation and the Jerome Foundation
Steven Matheson and Jenny Lion
Mo Donahue
my family
The MCAD Gallery and Media Center staff

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